Pierre Herme to rank high for delicacy imported from French cafes worldwide

Pierre Herme to rank high for delicacy imported from French cafes worldwide, macarons are a treat that few know how to do as you write a book. Ana consulate, get the ZEXE confectionery confectioner, you learn to do them step by step home.
The most popular cakes in cafes around the world, macarons are a challenge for bakers, especially for amateurs. With a crispy texture on the outside and soft inside, colored in all shades of the rainbow, with dozens of variations of fillings, macarons attract the elegance and delicacy.
"Many people asked me how to make macarons," she explains Ana consul, a pastry chef who brought French perfume in small Paris. Macarons have prepared her perfect shapes and the delicate fillings. He told us the recipe and showed us step by step how to prepare.
I say from the outset that I am a dessert as delicate as it is roomy. Might that not be the first experiment failed. Fluffy foot (the one that makes them so famous) may not appear in the first tray, the temperature could be adjusted depending on your oven and staff, and the first portion may only be some May marshmallows east unrelated famous dessert.
Perseveres Anna’s advice. Once you catch the “secret” you will not be able to stop the macarons.

How quickly a cold wine? 5 ways that do not fail

Would you drink a glass of cold wine, but do not want to dilute it with ice cubes and not wait until it cools a bottle in the fridge for a few hours? Fortunately, the wait should not be long. Here are the best ways to cool a bottle of wine in 20 minutes or less.
  Add salt. Probably you already know that if you put stilca wine in a container with water and ice will cool faster than the refrigerator. But the secret sits in the rush to add a tablespoon of salt in the same container. Salt goes and below the freezing point of water and allow it to become cooler without ice quickly turn. The bottle of wine will be cooler in a short time .. Spin the bottle a few times. If the first method seems still not fast enough to cool the beverage bottle, hold the container in which you put water, ice and salt on hand. At intervals of a few minutes, spin the bottle. The wine inside will move and will come into contact with the cold glass, leading to more rapid cooling of. Remember that this method does not apply to sparkling wines or champagne, if you do not have a shock when you open the bottle.
  Hold wet glass. To hurry the cooling process, when you put the bottle in the fridge or freezer, wrap it in a towel soaked in water and wrung well. Pasteaza better moisture and cold leads, in addition, it will ensure a uniform cooling over the entire surface of the glass.
Frozen grapes. If you want a cold glass of wine each individual, you can call this method. Put in time at conegaltor grapes which then use them in drinks instead of ice cubes without changing the strength or flavor of the drink.
  Decanted and cooled. Smaller quantities of liquid cools faster, so if you’re in a hurry to receive offers guests come in glasses and put the tray with glasses in the refrigerator or freezer.


in brief
Although alcohol issues are equally important for both sexes, women are often in particular situations or have exclusive worried about alcohol
Calorie content of a 350ml beer is comparable to other beverages contain less fat, sugar and carbohydrates than many other drinks
Excessive consumption in general and lack of exercise are the main determinants of obesity
Beer contains many ingredients grains and is a source of antioxidants, B vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and fiber; B vitamins and nutritional yeast have properties and cleaning
The alcohol in beer is a diuretic and can dehydrate the skin when consumed in excess
There is currently insufficient evidence to confirm that the hair gets brighter when rinsed with beer
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There are a lot of legends and questions on the link between alcohol consumption and beauty.
Beauty and Beauty and diet regime 150x150 
Alcohol us fat? Affect our skin? Rinsing hair with beer makes it shiny? There are a lot of legends and questions concerning the relationship between beauty, diet and alcohol consumption.
Weight and nutrition
Excessive drinking can lead to an excess in weight, as happens when we eat too much or you drink too much of anything.
However, studies have shown that between alcohol and obesity there is a clear link. The fundamental reasons that cause obesity are excess consumption and slow metabolism. Genetics may play a role in a person’s weight.
Many adults drink beer responsibly and maintain their weight. Alcohol contains fewer calories gram for gram than fat but more carbohydrates and proteins. Beer contains no fat and, in general, all beers have a relatively low content of carbohydrate and sodium.
Since beer is made from raw materials such as grains, barley malt, hops, grain, yeast and water is a source of natural antioxidants and is full of vitamin B, flavonoids and minerals (eg potassium and magnesium) and soluble fiber.
As you increase the alcohol content of beer, increase the number of calories. An average of 350 ml beer is between 100 and 145 calories, depending on the type of beer. One of our lager beer contains about 145 calories for 350ml. By comparison, a glass of grape juice 350ml contains about 192 calories, a glass of whole milk 350 ml contains about 240 calories and an average dose of 350 ml of soda contains about 150 calories. Water and unsweetened tea has 0 calories. A 30g bag of potato chips you eat while you drink has about 150-155 calories. You can choose from a variety of beers with different amounts of calories and carbohydrate content.
In spite of what you say some popular diet books, beer contains maltose or other sugars in small amount or not at all. During the brewing process, malted barley is roasted and liquid resulting from this operation contains maltose, which is a sugar. During fermentation, however, the yeast consumes and converts maltose into alcohol and natural carbonation.
Some of the women and the men jump over the table when drink to compensate for calories, a practice that is called “drinkorexia”. We do not recommend this. The body can be intoxicated with alcohol more quickly on an empty stomach and the level of alcohol in the body grow faster. After consuming a few drinks may be at risk for regular consumption.
Each configuration diet and genetics are unique. It would be much better for you to consult a doctor or medical specialist to determine the best diet and exercise program that suits your lifestyle.
Alcohol and skin
There are many factors in your life and in the environment that can affect the skin, including the climate in which you live, how much sleep, heating and air conditioning systems that are exposed to the amount of sodium in your diet, medications you are taking, products skin care you use and daily skin care ritual.
To avoid skin dehydration matter what you eat or expose, it is important to drink plenty of water. Please drink plenty of water every day - and increase the amount of water if you live in dry climates or during summer.
Alcohol is a diuretic which can dehydrate the skin, especially when consumed excessively. If you are prone to dry skin, limit the amount of alcohol light beer consuming more water. On the other hand, beer contains vitamin B and yeast that has many nutritional properties and cleaning. As in every other aspect of life, the key is moderation.
Beer and hair
Unfortunately, there is currently insufficient evidence to confirm that the hair gets brighter when rinsed with beer.
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How to lose weight without keeping a diet

You may seem a paradox, but you know you can lose weight without dieting. Not always the diets are very healthy, so it is much recommended to try something to get rid of excess unwanted pounds. 

Here are some ways that you can lose weight without dieting know.
One. Eat around the clock

Set yourself a time of 20 minutes for each meal and reinvent yourself. If you used to gobble everything in 5 minutes, it is time to look for it. Enjoy every bite, chew it long. In this way, you can saturate even with small portions, because the brain sends signals of fullness. Infulecatul block these messages and you risk eating more than you should.
Two. Sleeping more, weigh less

One extra hour of sleep per day, leading to a loss of 6 kg in a year, say researchers at the University of Michigan. The condition is not to eat more than 2500 calories per day. According to them, lack of sleep and rest implicitly increases appetite.

Three. Eat more vegetables

At the dinner table eating three raw vegetables or fruit. Rich in water and fiber, fruits and vegetables have fewer calories. You can cook, but no fat. Use lemon, herbs and spices to flavor sauces instead of fat, salt or sugar.

The 3 Day Diet gets you 5 kilograms: here’s how it works!

Three day diet involves following a very strict eating plan this time. By weight loss system lasted for three days you can lose five kilograms, clearly indicated by the needle scales. There is one cuteness: the five kg given below are not fat, but rather accumulated excess fluids in the body and their human waste. For this reason, the diet for three days, even if you get rid of five kilograms, is not effective in the long term.

In those three days all gates food regimen should be carefully monitored quantitatively.

This is how food in the diet for three days:


Breakfast: coffee or unsweetened tea, half a grapefruit, a slice of fried bread and two teaspoons of peanut butter

Lunch: half a tin of tuna (less obviously) and a slice of toast

Dinner: one or two slices of meat, but not more than 85 grams (grilled, cooked in the oven or boiled), 220 grams of beans (stewed without oil) 220 grams of beetroot, March 1 small and 100 grams of vanilla ice cream